March 2019

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  • Getting wellbeing in the workplace right

    Employee wellbeing is all over the news and it has been for 10 years now with the disruption caused to the economy by the Great Recession of 2008-2009 and its long-lasting effects. “Going to work is more stressful than ever” according to a YouGov poll for the Trades Union Congress (source: Independent) and Entrepreneur Europe […]

  • Agile working in the NHS

    Agile working is a management style that’s been embraced by organisations in the public sector as well as private sector businesses in recent years. It puts a lot more power into the hands of team members who have much more freedom over than ever before where they work from and the way they do their […]

  • Risk assessment in health and safety

    All employers have a duty to care to their staff, customers, and visitors. Whether you run a factory, a betting shop, or an establishment which serves food, every potential hazard must be identified and then each of these potential risks must be mitigated as much as practicably possible. How well do you feel your organisation […]

  • Cold calling for great appointments

    There are many services that can be sold over the phone without the need for a rep visit. However, for some prospective purchases, it’s still vital to see the potential client face to face. Getting in front of a client is difficult enough, even for a confident, experienced, and knowledgeable rep. Getting a high-quality appointment […]