October 2019

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  • Directorship – a skilful role

    Some might say that in a director role, experience is what counts. Where have you been? What have you achieved? What knowledge and insightful perspectives do you bring? And they’d be right. Experience is important. But it’s far from all. As a director, you’re a manager of managers. You’re tasked with taking the big picture […]

  • The art of negotiating

    It would be easy (maybe even tempting) to define negotiation as a process of ‘getting what you want’. In fact, google for quotations about negotiation and you’ll find soundbites from business heads and politicians talking about winners and losers. But that’s a very limiting definition and not one that will help your business long-term. In […]

  • Project Management – 3 Ways To Map A Stakeholder

    What’s the biggest source of uncertainty in any project? Is it insufficient resources? Overtight deadlines? Of course not. It’s people. Or, as they’re known in project management terms: stakeholders. Is everybody a stakeholder? Naturally not. A ‘stakeholder’ is any person that has an interest in, a connection to, or is affected by… your project. So, […]