How we work

How we work

We like to keep things simple. That’s not always possible, of course, but we find that most organisations want one of four different approaches:

  1. ‘Off-the-peg’ If one of our advertised programmes is just what you’re looking for, then please give us a call and tell us:
    • What? Which course you’d like.
    • When? A range of dates would be good, so that we can confirm trainer availability.
    • Where? On your premises or perhaps at a nearby hotel – or somewhere a bit different?
    • Who? Roughly how many participants and their job titles or functions.
    • Why? Tell us your objectives in arranging this event and we will ensure that they are met.

    We will confirm the price with you, confirm the date with the trainer and then make all necessary arrangements.

  2. ‘Tailored’ If one of our programmes looks right for you but needs to be tailored to suit your specific requirements – perhaps to take account of your particular policies and procedures (the most common scenario) – then as well as all the ‘W-questions’ we will need to discuss with you in more detail just what your training objectives are and how best we can tailor the advertised programme to meet them. We will then brief the trainer (and we may well get them to call you direct to agree the precise changes) before confirming the price and date with you.
  3. ‘Bespoke’ If you like our approach, feel free to ask us to develop a programme for you from scratch if you don’t see what you are looking for on the website. We will take a brief from you, perhaps arrange to visit you with the relevant expert trainer and then put a proposal to you. We enjoy problem-solving, so if you have a training requirement that you are finding particularly difficult to source do please see if we can help.
  4. ‘Something a bit different’ This is where the tailoring metaphor breaks down! You may well have a requirement that cannot be met by a single course. You might want us to develop a major ‘roll-out’ programme to achieve a particular objective (eg, to instil diversity awareness at all levels throughout your organisation), or you may need a medium-term development programme for all your people within a particular function (eg, a sales development programme). Or perhaps you want a management development programme with one-to-one mentoring and coaching follow-up? Or have you already developed a programme and simply require a specific input to it? Whatever the requirement, give us a call – without any obligation whatsoever – and perhaps we can meet up to see how we can help you.

Whatever the starting point, we guarantee the same result: that we will deliver an excellent learning and development experience, employing the services of an outstanding expert trainer focused entirely on ensuring that you achieve all your training objectives. Any questions? Give us a call on 01582 714285 – we’re here to help!