How to build and maintain influential relationships – a new workshop

Build and maintain influential relationships for a ‘win, win’

This new high energy and fun two day workshop has just been added to our leadership, management and personal skills suite of training programmes. If you want to be a ‘problem solver’ not a ‘problem creator’ you need to learn how to build and maintain influential relationships. Our two day programme will help you establish a core set of influencing skills.

Being able to influence is not about manipulation, it’s really about making sure every one gets what they want. Getting a ‘win, win’ for everyone is a key skill in many work functions. From sales to project management or success in business in general is dependent on having influence and keeping it.

The expert trainer

Delivered by expert trainer Neil this fun two day programme helps you identify who you need to influence and equip you with the tools and techniques to make it happen.

Learning objectives

The course format is highly practical and activity based, and strictly limited to a maximum of 12. By the end of the programme you will leave knowing:

  • What influence really is
  • What good relationships are based on
  • Why being a problem solver not creator is important
  • How to identify who needs to be influenced and why
  • How to formulate an influencing strategy for a specific person
  • How to use communication skills effectively for influencing
  • How to recognise personal characteristics that will affect communication
  • How to use the five-step influencing process

The Expert trainer

Neil is an expert trainer and independent consultant with thirty years’ experience of leadership, management, training and development in a diverse set of environments. As a trainer, he specializes in leadership, influencing skills, decision-making and project management.

A qualified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and SDI Facilitator, Neil’s work gets great results, as the following selection of feedback comments shows:

‘There is no doubt that the work Neil did with us set us up for the 15-20% growth that we subsequently achieved.’
Keith Howes, Managing Director, Sysmex UK

‘Following Neil’s advice, I believe my team’s productivity increased by 60-70% in one month.’
Team leader, Conveyancing Service

‘Neil – you not only changed how I talk to my team, you changed how I talk to my children. Thank you!’
Course participant

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Full programme details here

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