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  • Bant, banter, bantest…

    Office banter… the glue that bonds a team together, or the go-to excuse for harassment, bullying and/or discriminatory behaviour? Well, given that in a 2018 study by the Institute of Leadership & Management, 4% of respondents had left a job because of negative banter, it’s surely not an issue that can be dismissed. Let’s start […]

  • Agile working basics

    As buzzwords go, ‘agile’ is probably the word of the 21st century so far. Often associated with ideas like flexible hours, hot desking or working from home, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, you could say we’re all working agile now, couldn’t you? Well, no. We’re not. Agile is about a little more than just […]

  • Email and messaging in the new normal

    One of the biggest (and most obvious) pandemic changes for businesses is that so little communication is now face to face. Teams that used to be cooped up together (with all the comms benefits that implies) are now scattered to the four winds, often reliant on email, instant messaging, and texts for much of their […]

  • Virtual minute-taking basics

    Let’s spare a thought for those unsung meeting heroes, the minute-takers. Everyone’s so focused on the difficulties of remote working, dispersed teamwork, and running virtual meetings (we’re in the middle of a Zoom revolution!) that it’s easy to lose sight of this essential role. The minute-taker faces the same challenges as everyone else: the technical […]

  • Getting your digital transformation under way

    Is your business digital? If not, it probably should be. Not to say that you should be in ‘computer services’ or building IT accessories… more that whatever you do, your customers and clients should be able to access it digitally (downloadable apps, online ordering, etc.); and that behind the scenes, you’re using technology to run […]

  • The future of face-to-face training, post-COVID

    As many businesses begin bringing their workforces back into the workplace, it’s clear that whatever the #NewNormal looks like, it will include a lot more working from home. In fact, we’ve already seen the odd headline about companies opting for no more face to face working from now on. This has obvious knock-on effects for […]

  • Mind how you go – mindfulness at work

    Does your mind ever wander? Do you ever get distracted from what you’re supposed to be doing by something much more interesting? Do you ever speak without thinking? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of what you’ve got to do? If you’re answering no to these questions, you’re probably quite a mindful […]

  • Outbound telephone sales – getting it wrong

    Stuck in the middle of a global pandemic as we are, with customers (potential and actual) confined, locked-down and quarantined, the chances are more (most?) of your sales right now are online or done by phone. Online we can leave to your fantastic, user-friendly website design (!?) but it’s a good time to think about […]

  • 5 Principles of B2B Sales

    B2B? B2C? What’s in a letter? Sales is sales, right?! Not so much. Selling to businesses is not the same as selling to consumers, the end users of the product or service. Simply put, you’re aiming at a different target so, naturally, the approach should be different too. If you’re offering goods or services to […]

  • Health, safety and… wellness

    Once upon a time, health and safety was about complying with legislation and guarding against physical accident or injury in the workplace. However, the contemporary view of an employer’s responsibilities goes a little wider. Legislative compliance? Of course. Making sure no one trips over an exposed cable? Obviously. But these days, it’s much more than […]

  • Sales – a closing conversation

    When you’re closing a sale with a new prospect, what do you actually want? Just another entry in the order book, another deposit in the company accounts? No, you’re looking for more than that. You know that a sale is not a conclusion, it’s actually the beginning of something, of a new customer relationship (hopefully, […]

  • Directorship – a skilful role

    Some might say that in a director role, experience is what counts. Where have you been? What have you achieved? What knowledge and insightful perspectives do you bring? And they’d be right. Experience is important. But it’s far from all. As a director, you’re a manager of managers. You’re tasked with taking the big picture […]