All change! How do you approach change management?

All change! How do you approach change management?

We read a very enlightening post this week on how organisations tackle change. Change management – what makes you think you can handle it?

‘The only constant is change. That’s the mantra of many organizations. What is less clear is how they intend to help change happen positively and acceptably. Because people – usually the part of the equation that is most affected – typically detest change. We’re made that way, even when there are obvious positive consequences if we can just take a deep breath and get on with it.’

You can read the full post here

Are you managers effective change agents for your organisation?

Dealing with change and managing change can be difficult and at times very emotional. How do you prepare your managers to guide their teams through a sea of change and emerge positive and optimistic on the other side?

Change management workshop

A very practical one day course designed to help your managers become effective organisational change agents. Delivered by an Rosanne, an expert HR manager, trainer and coach, the day will help your managers create a positive response to organisational change, and a positive and optimistic working environment for your organisation.

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