Customer service and sales go hand in hand

Customer service and sales go hand in hand

It goes without saying that when you have a customer it’s worth treating them like gold because the reality is that a satisfied customer can be a rare thing indeed.

And the key to that is, without question excellent customer service.

Customer service and sales go hand in hand, you can’ have one without the other. Unfortunately, many companies spend most of their time concentrating on new customers and forget the old, and just don’t factor in the high costs of customer acquisition and retention.

When does the sale end?

The simple answer to that is never.

Here are three things to do to make sure you care enough about your customers:

  1. Empathise – put yourself in your customers shoes. How would you feel?
  2. Don’t forget to follow up – the truly great customer service / sales person will follow up long after the sale is over
  3. Over deliver – over-delivering on what you promise will make your customers not only feel special, but loved!

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