Customer service training goes from ABC to USP

How do you give great customer service?

There’s no real mystery to it, it’s all about you:

  • Wanting to do it properly – having the right Attitude
  • Doing and saying the right thing – exhibiting the right Behaviours
  • Being focused – on the Customers

So those are the three areas we cover in our unique workshop

The ABC of great customer service

Our programme is based on practical experience of delivering customer service training to thousands of people over the last ten years, across the UK and internationally.

We’ve drawn on that experience to create a very flexible programme that looks at the ‘why’ as much as the ‘what’.

1: The ‘What’: the key issues (attitude, behaviours and customers)

2: The ‘Why’: the most common underlying reasons why people sometimes fail to deliver great customer service, including why:

  • they don’t see why it’s so important,
  • they don’t see it as part of their job,
  • they don’t appreciate the impact their attitude and behaviour have on other people,
  • they lack the confidence to do it properly, and
  • why they can’t see what’s in it for them

It’s this dual approach that’s key in our experience to delivering customer service training that actually makes a difference.

And that’s our USP – our training is designed to support sustainable behavioural change by focusing not just on the skills required to deliver great customer service, but on the attitudes that have to go with the skills.

If there’s scope within your organisation to improve in customer service, whether you want to move from poor to good or from good to great, then do please contact us for a training quote.

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