Director development needs in the boardroom

Director training and development needs

A significant proportion of our training delivery is on corporate governance issues. Very often, training for new directors on the role of the director, but also for established board teams going through significant change (especially where a change of legal status is involved).

As well as in-house training for directors, we also run open courses on the subject – the next one is in London, on 21 May 2015.

Your directors might have other needs, of course, and we can help with these too, for example:

  • Development programmes

    Our sister company, Maximum Performance, specializes in leadership and management development programmes. Cyrus Cooper, the MD, would be very happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

  • One-to-one coaching

    Elizabeth Crosse, our Coaching Practice Director, is an ICF Master Certified Coach (ie, one of the top 1% of coaches globally). She has extensive experience of working at board/SMT level and heads up our specialist coaching operation, Maximum Coaching.

  • Presentation skills training and coaching

    Cyrus Cooper is an outstanding trainer on presentation skills. For a more individual solution, with a specific focus on vocal techniques, one of our team of actors/vocal coaches might be most appropriate.

  • ‘Away-day’ facilitation

    As you know, some discussions are a lot more productive with an external facilitator. Elizabeth and Cyrus are both very practised in this role. You may even want a board-level version of Cyrus’s team identity day or one of our strategy specialists could help form the agenda as well.

  • Boardroom briefings

    We work with a wide range of associate trainers and consultants who are all subject matter experts in their own right. If you ever need board-specific training (eg, health & safety for directors) or a bite-sized session on, for example, post-acquisition integration, international JVs, change management, or customer experience then just give me a call to see whether we can help.

I hope this has given you a feel for some of the ways in which we might be of service to you. Do please call on 01582 714282 or contact us via our Contact Form for a bespoke quote or to discuss a specific requirement further.

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