Ever thought of adding coaching skills to your management?

Unlock your teams true potential easily – with coaching

Ever thought of adding coaching skills to your management skills portfolio?

Did you know that coaching has the potential of leaving people feeling more competent and more fulfilled in their work? In fact its effect can be so powerful that your teams will naturally be able to maximise their own performance.

Coaching skills in a day! – from Maximum Performance

If coaching is something you’d like to add to your management skills set then Coaching skills in a day! programme delivered by our sister company Maximum Performance could be just the thing you’re looking for.

The one day workshop is available as an open course or in-house programme and is delivered by expert coach, trainer and facilitator Cyrus Cooper MD of Maximum Performance who also runs the following series of ‘In a day’ programmes that you may be interested in:

Leadership, management and personal effectiveness programmes

We also run a comprehensive suite of programmes to help improve leadership, management and personal effectiveness, which can be delivered in-house by some truly outstanding and very popular trainers who have amassed many years of practical experience together with an unrivalled passion and talent for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

You can read more about our programmes HERE

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