Expect the unexpected

Murphy’s Law states that if anything can possibly go wrong, it probably will

You can save an hour a day by preventing, preparing, planning and looking for opportunities for Murphy to strike.

Here are some common examples:

  1. Call ahead to double check appointments/meetings the day before travelling. The day you don’t check will be the day that the appointment is cancelled or you have the time wrong.
  2. Have things to do for when you arrive or travel. Expect travel delays, so when travelling listen to cassette tapes on time management, self-motivation and similar subjects, as well as any that are available in your professional field.
  3. Double check any complex itineraries, plans or projects. Make sure that there is a buffer if things go wrong and need to be recovered.
  4. Sensitive or critical projects should be checked and double checked.
  5. Always try and build a slight buffer into any promises that you might give, particularly for customers.
  6. Allow time in your diary or schedule for things that do go wrong which may require your time and attention.
  7. Learn to anticipate the unexpected.
  8. Try to anticipate the time of the week or month when you will have the last minute jobs.
  9. Develop check lists, process and clear standards of performance for critical outputs in your job or business.

Make sure people work to consistent methods allowing time to check and double check what they do. One missed point could create hours of work for somebody else.

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This thought has been taken from Graham’s book ‘Working Smarter’. Graham has developed an outstanding course to go with the book – click here for details.

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