Debt collection tactics that work over the phone

Telephone tactics for effective debt collection

Whatever the economic climate seems to be, there are still companies whose customers like to take their time to pay – or don’t even pay at all.

The survival of most businesses is often down to effective cash flow, so any tactics that can ease effective debt collection are crucial for most businesses.

Using the telephone for collection and chasing of late payments is one of the core methods for most. But can the tactics you use be improved so that you can achieve the most positive outcome in any debt collection situation?

Our very popular one day workshop helps participants understand the most effective telephone skills and techniques they can use to get paid on time and recover money owed more quickly, while still keeping the collection cost as low as possible.

This popular course is suitable for anyone responsible for collecting payment over the telephone.

Course features

This course features the unique COLLECT model, which will help you to remember the key principles for effective debt collection:

  • Communicate often
  • Observe behaviour
  • Listen to concerns
  • Learn what you can
  • Empathise with your customer
  • Create win-win solutions
  • Time is of the essence!

Full programme details are available here


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