Getting paid – telephone tactics for debt collection workshop

More and more companies are finding that their customers are taking longer to pay – or are not even paying at all. As cash flow is key to the survival of any business, effective debt collection tactics are vital for all businesses.

Our one-day workshop ‘Getting paid – telephone tactics for debt collection’ is delivered on an in-house basis and focuses on developing the telephone skills and techniques your staff can use to achieve the most positive outcome in any debt collection situation. It’s one of our ten most popular programmes.

It features the unique COLLECT model, to help people remember the key principles for effective debt collection:

  • Communicate often
  • Observe behaviour
  • Listen to concerns
  • Learn what you can
  • Empathise with your customer
  • Create win-win solutions
  • Time is of the essence!

It’s a tried-and-tested programme, which gets great feedback. Could it be just what your credit control and debt recovery staff need?

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