Give your customers the benefit of the doubt

There are actually some businesses that mistrust their customers

… the very people who allow them to be in business at all! Shocked? Don’t be – yours is probably one of them! These businesses do things like demanding receipts for refunds (‘I don’t believe you bought it here unless you show me a piece of paper’).


  • Outstanding businesses are different
  • Outstanding customers are different
  • Outstanding customers seek out outstanding businesses

Can you imagine how you would react if the next time you complained the customer service person, shop assistant or waiter accused you of lying and making it all up to try and get some kind of special service, or even your money back? You would, of course, be outraged. Why then do you force customers to write in with complaints, produce receipts and fill in long forms to apply for cover under ‘conditional’ warranty?

How about this, the training company that offers a full refund, at any time, on any course or seminar if you are not completely delighted – stay till the end and ask for your money back! How many do? Less than one per cent, from thousands of delegates. Whatever it is your business makes or provides, decide that from now on you will believe that every customer is honest and trustworthy. If one per cent of these people rip you off and take advantage – don’t worry – the customers you attract and keep in the meantime will far exceed any losses

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This thought has been taken from Graham’s book ‘Companies don’t succeed, people do!’ Graham delivers outstanding sales and customer service training – click here for details of some of his programmes.

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