How to keep a customer for life – give them lots of reasons to stay

Remember that 96% of unhappy customers never complain

But if their problem remains unsolved – they usually tell ten other customers!

Here’s a 12-point plan to help you hang on to your customers:

  1. Select the right customers through market research
  2. Know your purpose for being in business – to attract and keep a customer. Everything else is detail
  3. Move customers from satisfaction to loyalty by focusing on retention and loyalty schemes
  4. Develop reward programmes
  5. Customise your products and services
  6. Train and empower your employees in excellent customer service
  7. Respond to customers’ needs with speed and efficiency
  8. Measure what’s important to the customer – always add value
  9. Know exactly what customers want in their relationship with you
  10. Know why customers leave your enterprise by producing customer exit surveys
  11. Conduct a failure analysis on your enterprise
  12. Know your retention improvement measures – have a strategy in place.

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This thought has been taken from Graham’s book ‘Companies don’t succeed, people do!’ Graham delivers outstanding sales and customer service training – click here for details of some of his programmes.

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