How to master the art of sales negotiation

Advanced sales negotiation skills – in-house training

Does your team have a structured approach to negotiation? Does it come naturally to them, is the flow seamless when dealing with clients?

If not our new programme, Advanced sales negotiation will help them master the 6 fundamentals of closing better business.

  1. Position your product/service advantageously
  2. Set high targets
  3. Manage information skilfully
  4. Know the full range and strength of your power
  5. Satisfy customer needs over wants
  6. Concede according to plan

If you manage all these elements well and you will win more business, more profitably.

This course will help participants:

  • Negotiate from a position of partnership, not competition
  • Deal more effectively and profitably with price objections
  • Identify and practise successful sales negotiating skills
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses as a sales negotiator
  • Understand different types of buyer behaviour
  • Learn to recognise negotiating tactics and stances
  • Apply a new and proven structure to their business negotiations
  • Identify and adapt for different behavioural styles
  • Be alert to unconscious (non-verbal) communication
  • Prepare and present a proposal at a final business negotiation stage
  • Project confidence and exercise assertiveness in all sales negotiations

Full programme details can be found here.

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