Key account benefits to your organisation

People are just sick and tired of being sold to – enter key account management


If you’re going to reach potential clients with any sort of credibility your sales teams need to be client – centred rather than product led. With key account management your organisation can go one step further. But it takes time. Most companies have found that a well oiled relationship may take many years to develop. Careful management of an account relationship pro actively will not only reduce marketing expenses over time it will also act as a defence strategy against any client straying to a competitor.

Developing strategic relationships with customers should be central to any development strategy for an organisation and its sales teams. Key account management is a systematic process for managing key interactions and relationships with most valuable customers.

Key account management training

Our two-day key account management training course is a complete programme on how to best manage and develop key accounts. It is specifically designed for quick, consistent, easy and effective pro-active account development. The programme can be fully tailored to match your business and objectives and features a unique key account management model – PROFIT.

Download a full course programme here


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