Leading great customer service – have you cracked it yet?

Customer-facing staff can have it tough. But equally so can their managers. 

The managers or supervisors of customer facing staff have a different set of challenges including some of the following, maybe on a daily basis:

  • Do they manage to get ‘buy-in’ to your organisation’s customer service standards, vision and mission?
  • Do their direct reports struggle to balance customer expectations with commercial imperatives? (Or, worse, do they not even try?)
  • Do they have trouble getting your customer service standards to ‘stick’?
  • Feedback is a gift. How are your managers making the most of what your customers tell you?
  • Do some front-line staff escalate more issues than others? How can your managers reduce escalations?
  • Coaching is an essential management skill, particularly for those responsible for leading and developing customer-facing staff. Just how good are your managers as coaches?
  • Much of customer service management is about resolving day-to-day issues. How do your managers move from reactive to proactive and still keep a strategic view?

Leading great customer service – London 28 March 2017

If any of this strikes a chord, then we have a programme that could be a great investment for your organisation. It’s a very practical, interactive one-day session for a maximum group size of 12. Available as an in-house programme, of course, but also on an open basis: it’s being held in London on 28 March.

The session is designed for anyone with line management responsibility for staff in a customer-facing role, including line managers, team leaders, and supervisors of customer service staff.

It could be a real boost to some of your line managers and, in turn, to some of their direct reports. The day is led by expert trainer Jocelyn. Jocelyn is a highly experienced and very popular management and customer service trainer.

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