Lean Six Sigma – open day ‘Understanding the Business Case’

Lean Six Sigma – you’ve heard about it, but what’s it really all about?

  • Is it right for your organisation?
  • Is it worth it?
  • What are the benefits and costs?
  • What’s your role?
  • What’s DMAIC? What are the belts all about?
  • What do you need to know before you go any further with it?

If these are some of the questions that you – or some of your colleagues – are thinking about, then come along to our open day and get the answers.

Our lead Lean Six Sigma consultant and trainer, Bill McIntyre, will be running an introductory programme on 24 January in Rugby and again on 21 February in central London. He’ll give you an overview of Lean and Six Sigma and talk you through some of the practicalities of introducing it to your organisation. You’ll come away having had a fun, stimulating day and with a much clearer idea as to what it’s all about. You’ll be up-to-speed with all the jargon, you’ll have worked through the key concepts and you’ll appreciate what’s involved.

The session is designed for anyone who is:

  • Considering whether to adopt a Lean or Six Sigma approach
  • Tasked with doing so
  • Just needing an introduction to the subject
  • Responsible for sourcing training or consultancy support

This ‘open day’ is an ideal opportunity to get a feel for the subject. It’s a light-touch introduction, a familiarisation session. Benefit from the experience of a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, get your questions answered, swap thoughts with others at the same stage in the process as you – it could well be your most worthwhile day out of the office all year!

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