Putting the management back into project management

Where does one start with project management training?

All the literature on project management is agreed that for a successful outcome to any project six ‘critical management activities’ are essential:
  • define clear goals, agreed by all the principal stakeholders
  • develop realistic plans, based on sensible assumptions and backed up by good risk management
  • create an effective organisation, giving the right people clear roles and responsibilities
  • implement pro-active controls, emphasising problem prevention
  • give appropriate leadership, to the team and between the team and the organisation
  • build genuine teamwork, for a partnership between all the key participants

This might all sound very obvious, but many projects fall short on one or more of these points and under-perform as a result. The sad truth is that a lot of very good, well qualified project managers, using all the right tools and methodologies, have nevertheless seen their projects come unstuck – and it’s always because one or more of these six project management principles hasn’t been implemented properly.

That’s why our project management training puts the emphasis as much on the management as on the project. And that’s also why we only use trainers who have many years of practical and successful project management experience themselves, as well as being outstanding trainers.
If project management training is on your agenda for this year, the following brief guide to our range of in-house workshops might prove useful:

Training for project leaders and managers

  • Leading projects – starting at the top, this two-day workshop focuses on the leadership role of the project manager. Even the most experienced project managers find something to learn from it.
  • The professional project manager – this two-day programme focuses on the strategic role of the project manager.
  • Project appraisal and risk management – a dual-qualified engineer / accountant presents this highly practical two-day programme on the financial appraisal of projects.

Training for project teams and technical staff

Training for specific types of project 

  • R&D projects – one of our most popular specialist programmes, this intensive two-day course deals specifically with the management of R&D projects, which require some differences in approach from conventional project management.
  • Smaller projects – how to lead and manage a portfolio of smaller projects in a multi-project / multi-task environment.
  • Product development – how to use Agile techniques in product development projects.

Training for non-project oriented organisations

(by which, we mean organisations that don’t work in a traditional, engineering or IT project-based environment)

Note: The concepts, methods and techniques used in our programmes are fully compatible with the published frameworks of leading professional bodies such as the Association for Project Management, the Project Management Institute and the International Project Management Association. Participation in any of our programmes would satisfy the relevant CPD regulations.


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