Are you really ready to be an effective board director?

Are you really ready to be an effective board director?

Effective directors understand that directing the organisation is much more than managing it. They aim to maximise their contribution to the work of the board and ensure that they achieve high performance in all aspects of their role as director.

Are you confident that you know what specific skills and processes a director needs?

Director training and development

Our popular programme of in house courses and workshops are tailored to meet your needs precisely.

Whether your current concerns are compliance-led or more focused on the achievement of strategic objectives, our director training and development programmes can help you. Led by a number of highly qualified, expert trainers (most of whom have also delivered training on behalf of the Institute of Directors), these courses cover all aspects of effective corporate governance training – for private companies, quoted companies, international operations and also non-commercial organisations such as charities.

Director training and development ‘menu’ gives you a ‘pick and mix’ option.

For more information on our courses see here – or call us on 01582 714285 for details on how we can help you.

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