Results-focused time management

‘To-do lists don’t work, they focus on activity, not results.

If you are one of the many people who use ‘to do’ lists, do you regularly find that the list is longer by the end of the day or week than it ever was at the beginning?

Do you ever get to the end of a day or week and think, “I know I have been busy but I cannot say what I have actually achieved.” How effective are you at evidencing in your performance management review meeting what you have achieved and where you have spent your time?

Ever tried results-focused time management?

Our interactive one-day workshop ‘Results-focused time management’ will help you to tackle the real time management issues. It provide you with very detailed and practical insights and strategies and a simple 5 step Results Focused Time Management approach. This helps you to manage your day with greater control, significantly more focus, increased confidence, fulfillment and peace of mind. We currently offer the one day workshop as an open course in London or an in-house training programme.

Full programme details are available here. Or call us on 0 1582 714285 or contact us at


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