Talk like TED in a day!

If the thought of public speaking sends you into a panic, you’re not alone.

Many professionals feel nervous at the prospect of addressing 100′s or even 10′s of people especially if they feel that there speech or presentation could possibly be slightly ‘yawn-worthy’.

If you like us, regularly watch TED talks with wistful envy you may be interested in our sister company Maximum Performance popular workshop ‘Talk like TED in a day!’. Offered as a open course in London on 19 July 2016 and as an in-house programme this workshop is structured around the iconic TED talks, the gold standard for public speaking.

You’ll learn a step-by-step method to inspire and motivate your audience over the course of the day with expert trainer Susie Ashfield. Master the art of storytelling, learn to paint strong visual imagery, and understand how to get your audiences behind your ideas, no matter how audacious or complex they may seem.

Talk like TED in a day! is a fun and challenging masterclass for those who need to shock, wow and captivate. Find the full programme details here. Or call us on 01582 714280 or email us at

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