Practical negotiation skills workshop

Practical negotiation skills workshop

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This intensive two-day programme is the ideal opportunity to develop and hone your collaborative negotiation skills in a practical workshop environment.

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme participants will be able to add value to the organisation through being able to:

  • Recognise the range of environments in which negotiation adds value to the organisation
  • Carry out an audit of their own negotiation abilities
  • Prepare practical negotiation plans taking account of the aspirations of both sides
  • Explain the value of, and risks involved in, common negotiation tactics
  • Select an appropriate approach in a range of negotiation situations
  • Apply theory to practice through participation in, and review of, group negotiation role plays
Who should attend?

Managers and team members who are have some experience of negotiation who would benefit from extending their knowledge of the subject, particularly with respect to team negotiations. Those with theoretical knowledge of negotiation who would welcome the opportunity for feedback and sharing of best practice in negotiation.

Course format

The expert trainer for this intensive two-day workshop adopts a proactive, participative, and participant-centred approach with emphasis on the practical application of the tools, techniques and templates discussed. The learning needs to be embedded into the fabric of the organisation and the trainer uses context-based case studies and other tasks to achieve this.

Special features

Special features
The content of this course has been cross-mapped with CIPS/ISM/IACCM competency frameworks and other relevant international standards and benchmarks.

Certificates of attendance provided on request.IACCM logo

Most of the training we deliver is either tailored or completely bespoke. This workshop can therefore be delivered entirely as advertised, or it can be tailored to your particular requirements, or we can simply take it as a starting point for a conversation with you before we draft a completely bespoke programme for you – the choice is yours.

Expert trainer

Kenny is an experienced learning and development professional with a specialism in procurement training for large blue chip organisations. He is particularly experienced in delivering training on negotiation skills, procurement and supply chain management, contract law, project management and compliance for a range of clients across the UK and internationally.

Practical negotiation skills workshop – course outline


1 Welcome

  • Introductions, aims and objectives and plan for the day
  • Establishing participant’s views and understanding of negotiation

2 Negotiation – principles

  • Consolidation of common ground and agreed best practice
  • How to develop negotiation planning teams

3 Negotiation – practice I

  • Role play exercises
  • Review and rate outcomes and process
  • Video review focusing on key behaviours
  • Questionnaire to identify negotiation style deployed
  • Discussion around pros and cons of different negotiation styles and how they came out in negotiation role play; identification of development areas to focus on


4 Negotiation – practice II

  • Review key learning from day one
  • Planning for 3-party negotiation role play
  • Negotiation role play exercises
  • Review and rate outcomes and process
  • Video review

5 Close

  • Review of key learning points
  • Personal action planning