Challenging customer conversations

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Challenging customer conversations

From time to time, anyone dealing with customers will have challenging situations to deal with. It just goes with the territory. It’s inevitable.

Properly prepared, however, dealing with a challenging situation doesn’t have to be a stressful, difficult or negative experience. Competence, courtesy and confidence are ‘all’ it takes. Perhaps ‘all’ sounds like quite a lot? That’s where this workshop comes in.

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Full details below or download workshop outline.

Workshop objectives

This half-day programme will help you:

  • Develop your emotional intelligence when communicating with customers
  • Understand ‘difficult’ types of customer personality
  • Master the skills and behaviours needed to deal with challenging customer behaviours
  • Manage sensitive conversations with more demanding customers
  • Learn how to stay in control of the situation
  • Use a range of different coping strategies and techniques
  • Build your self-confidence
Who should attend?

Customer representatives, front-line staff, account managers and anybody responsible for delivering high levels of customer service.


This practical half-day workshop involves a mix of trainer input, practical tasks and exercises and group discussion. Participants are asked to bring their personal examples of challenging situations to use in the workshop. The focus is on real-life application.

Expert trainer

Scott Rumsey is our lead trainer. His programmes get great feedback, as you can see from his profile, here.


In the UK, the standard price is £995 per day’s training, plus VAT. Internationally, the price varies, depending on the country: please call us for details. Whether in the UK or internationally, you get:

  • A day’s customer service training for a maximum group size of 12 (8 to 10 recommended)
  • A tried-and-tested course (tailored, if necessary, to your specific needs)
  • The advertised expert customer service trainer
  • A workbook for each course participant, including invaluable reference materials for use after the course
  • A personal action plan for each participant, to help them raise their level of customer service
  • A certificate of attendance for each course participant (if requested)
  • A comprehensive report giving you the participants’ feedback from the day’s training
  • A follow-up call three months later to help assess the extent of the improvements achieved as a result of the training

Any hidden costs? The only additional costs are the trainer’s travel and incidental costs, and (if really unavoidable) accommodation costs – and we’ll give you an estimate of these costs before you commit.

Workshop outline

1 Why are some customer conversations challenging?

  • What are your most challenging conversations?
  • Emotional intelligence in communication
  • Know your triggers
  • How to respond calmly

2 Communicating with different types of people

  • How do you come across to other people?
  • Understanding the four key styles
  • Recognising key traits in others
  • Adapting your style for different types of people and situation

3 Key communication strategies

  • Review of questioning techniques
  • Active listening
  • Handling complaints effectively
  • Take the H.E.A.T. out of the situation

4 Action planning

  • What will you put into practice?

Any questions? Please just give us a call on 01582 463463 – we’re here to help!