Dealing with demand

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Dealing with demand

The use of customer services fluctuates for all organisations with peak and off-peak times plus additional volumes added during promotions, campaigns, faults or service issues. Changing the way we work to cope with volumes requires an agility in working habits. If you get stressed because you can’t finish each job before the next arrives… that at peak times there is no ‘downtime’… you feel you are not giving people enough contact time… you don’t get back to someone before they call again –then this is the programme for you!

Full details below or download workshop outline.

Workshop objectives
This workshop will help participants:

  • Understand their reaction to increased volumes
  • Plan for the peaks and troughs
  • Readjust personal benchmarks
  • Identify the critical from the everyday
  • Reset the expectations of the customer in positive terms
  • Celebrate achievement
Who should attend?
Those working within high volume, seasonal-driven, customer-centred or service-based organisations with the accountability for representing their organisation on a day-to-day basis via face-to-face, telephone and written communication (email, social media, blogs, etc).

A very practical, interactive one-day session for a maximum group size of 12. There are lots of different activities throughout the day – group exercises, ‘table-top’ activities, critiquing of real-life calls / video clips, quizzes, practice activities and scenarios – as well as a number of formal inputs from the trainer.

The style is very facilitative and learner-centred, taking into account the needs and preferences of the group on the day whilst at the same time delivering the programme as agreed with the client in order to meet the specified learning objectives.

Special features
The majority of the training we deliver is either tailored or completely bespoke. This workshop can therefore be delivered entirely as advertised, or it can be tailored to your particular requirements, or we can simply take it as a starting point for a conversation with you before we draft a completely bespoke programme for you – the choice is yours. As a rule, there is no additional charge for this service.

Expert trainer
Jocelyn is a highly experienced and very popular management, personal effectiveness and customer service trainer / coach / consultant. After fifteen years as a training manager within blue-chip organisations such as Motorola and Thorn EMI, she established her own consultancy in 1998. A passionate advocate of training for a reason, Jocelyn has a practical approach to training which focuses on giving participants and organisations relevant knowledge and skills improvement which is immediately transferable to the workplace.

A published author of training materials (including Contact Centre Management), her many clients cover an impressive range of sectors, including manufacturing, telecoms, retail, film and music, local authorities and universities. Equally impressive is their appreciation of her work, as the following comments show:

‘I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the recent telephone training course that you prepared and tutored for my Customer Services Department. The content was well received, and accurately reflected the day to day issues that occur on a busy desk. I have since reorganised the department to take advantage of the new professionalism… and it has made a big difference. Given the success of the proactive telephone selling course you prepared and ran for me a few years ago … I just knew it would be a success.’ – Philips

‘This was clearly an excellent course. It really brought the best out of the managers. You’ve given them a foundation for the rest of their working lives.’ – PPL

‘I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for the way you worked with us to make a great success of the induction programme for the Centre. It was a pleasure working with you in partnership.’ – One 2 One

Workshop outline

1 Peaks and troughs trends and predictors

  • Recognising the drivers for demand
  • Planning for peaks
  • Adjusting workflows
  • Resetting customer expectations

2 Negative chatter – why we do it and what it causes

  • Values, beliefs, motives and actions
  • Working with communication styles
  • Optimism v pessimism characteristics of personality
  • ‘Mood Hoovers’ and their impact on others
  • Developing a positive mental attitude to challenge

3 Dealing with seasonal or peak-driven change and the way we react to it

  • Setting realistic personal goals
  • Coping with disruption
  • The ‘Circle of Control’ and its impact
  • Reducing non-value-added activities

4 Adjusting our performance measure mindsets

  • Focusing on achievements
  • Celebrating ‘effort’
  • Using urgent v important decision-making
  • Do, delegate or defer?

5 ‘Off-loading’ constructively

  • Identifying the pressure points
  • Practising techniques to unwind
  • Identifying the symptoms of genuine stress
  • Applying mindfulness techniques permanently

6 Pulling it all together

  • Creating contingency plans
  • Personal learning summary and action plans

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