The ABC of great customer service on the phone

Dialing telephone keypad

The ABC of great customer service on the phone

We’re constantly on the phone these days.

But we’re using our phones differently. And as customers our expectations have changed drastically over the last few years. We’re less tolerant, more demanding.

What are the implications of that for delivering great customer service? How can front-line staff remain professional and stay in control yet still meet customer expectations and deliver great customer service?

This half-day programme has been designed specifically to address these issues. It can be run on its own or it can be ‘mixed and matched’ with any of the other ABC programmes.

Full details below or download workshop outline.

Workshop objectives
This half-day workshop will enable participants to:

  • Understand the values and behaviours a customer brings to the telephone conversation
  • Learn the key skills, use of voice and behaviours to apply to customer engagement on the telephone
  • Identify and learn the end-to-end call process involved in delivering great customer service through managing each stage, from ‘opening’ to ‘wrap’
  • Collect some useful dialogue responses that use assertive language
  • Learn responses and procedures for dealing with an abusive caller
This practical half-day workshop involves a mix of trainer input, practical tasks and exercises and group discussion, with time to evaluate and review learning.

Expert trainer
Amanda is an extremely experienced trainer / facilitator / coach with extensive experience in the customer service field, particularly in the public and voluntary sectors. See her profile here.

In the UK, the standard price is £750 for a half-day session on its own or £995 if run back-to-back with another session or merged into a full day’s programme.

Any hidden costs? The only additional costs are the trainer’s travel and incidental, and (if really unavoidable), accommodation expenses – and we’ll give you an estimate of these costs before you commit.

Workshop outline

1 What’s the problem?

  • The challenges of providing a quality customer focused service on the telephone

2 Telephone skills and tools

  • A model of the communication process and how we
  • Skills and behaviours for increasing effective listening and speaking assertively
  • What a customer expects to hear when they call and how to provide it

3 Best practice

  • The end-to-end process of an exemplary engagement with customers on the telephone
  • Mapping the process of a consistently high quality call through its stages from welcome to wrap
  • Skills and tools for managing each stage of the call
  • Approaches to support diverse call experiences
  • Approaches for aggressive callers
  • Improving the language and words in our responses
  • Practical exercise – ‘talking walls’ task
  • Team tasks and discussion

4 Making it happen

  • Summary
  • Group learning review
  • Personal action planning

Any questions? Please just give us a call on 01582 714285 – we’re here to help!