The ABC of great customer service

Three support phone operators at workplace

The ABC of great customer service

There’s no real mystery to it. (In theory!)

Giving great customer service is all about:

  • Wanting to do it – having the right Attitude
  • Doing and saying the right thing – exhibiting the right Behaviours
  • Being focused – on the Customers

And those are the three areas we cover in this unique workshop. (Although not in that order – naturally, we put the customers first!).

Why unique? Because it’s based on our experience of delivering customer service training to thousands of people over the last ten years, across the UK and internationally.

We’ve drawn on that experience to create a very flexible programme that focuses on the key issues (attitude, behaviours and customers) and at the same time addresses the most common underlying reasons why people sometimes fail to deliver great customer service – they don’t see why it’s so important, they don’t see it as part of their job, they don’t appreciate the impact their attitude and behaviour has on other people, they lack the confidence or skills to do it properly, they don’t see what’s in it for them.

This dual approach is key, in our experience, to delivering customer service training that actually makes a difference.

Full details below or download workshop outline.

Workshop objectives

For the participants, this workshop helps them deliver better customer service, day in, day out – whether face-to-face, on the phone or by email. Specifically, it helps them:

  • Define what great customer service looks like
  • Appreciate why delivering great customer service is so important – and why it’s part of everyone’s job
  • Learn what’s in it for them – why it will make their life easier
  • Understand what their customers want and value
  • Appreciate the impact their attitude and behaviour has on other people
  • Improve their communication skills by adapting these to the style of the customer
  • Deal more effectively with difficult customer situations

For you, their employer, this workshop:

  • Raises the bar in service delivery to your customers
  • Improves customer loyalty and retention
  • Improves levels of internal as well as external customer service
  • Motivates your staff to deliver better customer service
  • Reduces the time and money spent on dealing with customer complaints
  • Supports the continuing development of your staff
  • Helps you achieve your strategic objectives more efficiently
Who should attend?

Customer service is everyone’s responsibility. We should all either be serving a customer or supporting someone who is. This programme is therefore appropriate to everyone within your organisation, at whatever level – and the flexible structure means that we can easily tailor it to different levels, different functions, different sectors, different types of customer interaction (eg, telephone, face-to-face, email,


A very practical, interactive one-day session for a maximum group size of 12. There are lots of different activities throughout the day – group exercises, ‘table-top’ activities, critiquing of real-life examples, quizzes, practice activities and scenarios – as well as a number of formal inputs from the trainer. The style is very facilitative and learner-centred, taking into account the needs and preferences of the group on the day whilst at the same time delivering the programme as agreed with the client in order to meet the specified learning objectives.

Special features

The majority of the training we deliver is either tailored or completely bespoke. This workshop can therefore be delivered entirely as advertised, or it can be tailored to your particular requirements, or we can simply take it as a starting point for a conversation with you before we draft a completely bespoke programme for you – the choice is yours. As a rule, there is no additional charge for this service.

Expert trainers

We have more than 30 customer service trainers across the UK and even more internationally, so it’s your choice – pick a trainer based nearby and save on the expenses or, if you prefer, choose a trainer with directly relevant sector experience. Browse the list of trainers or just give us a call to talk it through. We’re here to help!


See what participants have said about our ‘ABC’ customer service training workshops:

‘A great course on customer care which equips you with excellent understanding and ways recognising customer values and expectations.’
‘Fantastic trainer with lots of practical experience.’
‘Excellent presentation, very interactive.’
‘Very interesting and learnt a lot.’
‘It opened my eyes to how we view our customer care.’
‘Very illuminating.’
‘Dude, you have to do it!
‘It was a very informative course… Learnt a lot.’
‘Gained a better understanding of personal preferences of customers and how to meet and manage expectations.’
‘Interesting and informative, makes you think about your personal style and how you take action.’
‘Trainer obviously very experienced in her field and explains things well.’
‘Friendly, informative trainer, very good at explaining.’
‘Course was very informative and relevant to me.’
‘Well worth going on.’
‘Very interesting. Learnt a lot of knowledge which will help with my work environment.’
‘Informative, very useful experience.’
‘Fun and interesting with lots to learn.’
‘Very informative and easy to understand.’
‘Professional trainer, friendly, informative, easy to talk to.’
‘Trainer was very good at explaining situations which we have come across in the work place – very understanding.’
‘Thank you, very valuable.’
‘Good tips on how to approach difficult situations. Good material available for us to take away.’ Good knowledge base.’
‘Engaging, fun and approachable. Thank you!
‘Very knowledgeable trainer, made it enjoyable and made it good with the group work.’
‘A very eye-opening and informative seminar.’
‘Great training to improve customer service and personal skills.’
‘The course was very informative and I would recommend to anyone looking to enhance their customer service skills.’
‘Very helpful to improve customer service behaviours and practices.’
‘Excellent, insightful.’
‘Great customer service training.’
‘Great course, very informative and activity based.’
‘The training was very useful and I would highly recommend it.’
‘Very helpful and interesting.’
‘Very interesting and full of useful information!
‘Informative, good at making you think about how you currently interact with people.’
‘Relaxed and engaging presentation style which made the content easy to follow.’
‘Provides a good level of understanding of key customer service concepts.’
‘First class!
‘Explained everything in ways I understood and made a difference in the way I feel and speak to customers.’
‘Good delivery, clear and concise and managed well.’
‘Lovely trainer, very approachable, friendly, polite. Thank you.’
‘Trainer was very engaging, very interesting and very experienced.’
‘It was a pleasure to be on this training. The trainer was perfect. Thank you!
‘Excellent trainer.’
‘Well done. Keep it up!


In the UK, the standard price is £995 per day’s training, plus VAT. Internationally, the price varies, depending on the country: please call us for details. Whether in the UK or internationally, you get:

  • A day’s customer service training for a maximum group size of 12 (8 to 10 recommended)
  • A uniquely flexible workshop tailored, if necessary, to your specific needs
  • Your choice of expert customer service trainer
  • A workbook for each course participant
  • A personal action plan for each participant, to help them raise their level of customer service
  • A certificate of attendance for each course participant (if requested)
  • A comprehensive report giving you the participants’ feedback from the day’s training
  • A follow-up call three months later to help assess the extent of the improvements achieved
  • as a result of the training

Any hidden costs? The only additional costs are the trainer’s travel and incidental, and (if really unavoidable), accommodation expenses – and we’ll give you an estimate of these costs before you commit.

Workshop outline

1 Customers

  • Stepping into your customers’ shoes
  • – Appreciating the world the customer operates in and the impact this has on expectations

  • Do you know who your customers are?
  • – Considering the customer profiles served by your organisation and the diversity and variety of requirements this presents

  • What do they want?
  • – Exploring the real needs behind customer expectations, and what your service can do for them

  • What do they value?
  • – Focusing on the things that make a difference. Answering a call within three rings only adds value if you can help the caller with their inquiry!

  • What will make them loyal and a pleasure to deal with?
  • – Getting it right first time, getting there first, and following through

  • Why delivering better customer service helps everyone
  • – Reviewing the tangible impact for all concerned


2 Attitudes

  • Focusing on the customer – it’s not about you, it’s about them!
  • – Learning to read the signs, interpreting and responding flexibly to the situation

  • How do you see them?
  • – Getting into the right mindset with customers – they’re not difficult; they may just have a hard-to-fulfil request

  • How do they see you?
  • – What would customers say about interactions with us, what do we excel at, what do we not?

  • Being positive
  • – Bouncing back from tough challenges; learning coping strategies

  • Being proactive
  • – Reviewing service issues which create customer challenges. Identifying potential customer requirements before they do.

  • Taking responsibility
  • – Own it, solve it. Learning to take accountability – in the eyes of the customer, you are the whole organisation


3 Behaviours

  • Standards and expectations
    – Reviewing the minimum expectations of your organisation and your customers; what is promoted, advertised and monitored

  • How we communicate
  • – Words
    – Use of voice
    – Body language

  • Keys to effective communication
  • – First impressions count
    – Telephone and call management
    – Email and social media protocols

  • Beyond the basics – A series of ‘How to’s’:
  • – Talking the customer’s language
    – Building trust and rapport
    – Being assertive and professional
    – Handling problems effectively
    – Dealing with difficult situations

  • Turning skills into habits
  • – Putting it into practice

Any questions? Please just give us a call on 01582 714285 – we’re here to help!