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Customer service training in the luxury brands sector

In the luxury goods and premium brands sector, service skills are paramount in building lifelong relationships with generations of clients. The luxury industry is unique, incomparable to any other sector. Even during the global economic crisis, luxury brands did not just survive – they thrived. The ‘clamour for glamour’ never ceases. Naturally, those who work in front-of-house positions or who have close contact with their customers will understand the significance of maintaining trust and rapport in order to distinguish themselves from the competition. In an industry where professional image has a major impact on the level of confidence clients put in their host, our bespoke training puts creating a luxury experience at the core of our Customer Service programme. Understanding how we exhibit behaviour that exudes confidence, gravitas and refinement is key to producing an environment that makes clients feel relaxed and indulged.

Our training is tailored to provide the skills required for anyone operating in the luxury service industry. We use informed, current content to give insight and experience that finely tunes and enhances your personal delivery style, combined with a greater understanding of the subtleties of successful interactions. The training is designed to empower attendees and develop their abilities to provide the outstanding hosting and service skills expected of those working within the luxury brands sector. Participants gain further understanding of how the experience of the customer influences every aspect of the business. They learn to communicate more effectively, both verbally and non-verbally, and to develop trust, establish rapport and make clients feel valued, whilst confidently handling any customer in any situation. The training is designed to improve and challenge their corporate hospitality skills. It helps them develop a variety of hosting principles including front-of-house management, the importance of projecting a positive attitude, presentation excellence, how to understand one’s customer, and what makes an exceptional experience for clients from start to finish.

Our thanks to Susie for writing this page.

Susie is our practice lead for the luxury brands sector. Her clients in this area include Debrett’s, Harvey Nichols, James Purdey & Sons, Harrods, The Hospital Club, The Wine Society, London Executive Offices, etc, etc, as well as private individuals within luxury retail. She has real enthusiasm for building skills in clients within the luxury brands sector, developing their strengths and helping them to succeed professionally. She is equally adept at coaching clients for specific speeches and presentations, or helping them to develop their skills and confidence over time for client-facing roles, supporting them to achieve their career objectives. Susie trained at Rose Bruford Drama School and is an experienced actor and voice artist. Previously an insurance broker in the City, Susie has a unique understanding of how to create impact with an audience both on stage and in corporate environments. It’s essential to strike exactly the right note in this sector, more than any other, and Susie achieves this superbly.

If you’d like a chat with Susie to discuss your customer service training requirements, do please give us a call on 01582 714285 and we’d be delighted to arrange it for you.