The third sector and social enterprise board

The third sector and social enterprise board – overview

The boards of social enterprise and third sector organisations face special challenges including meeting the requirements of charity law, securing funding and directing an organisation dependant on volunteer effort. Building an effective board is a matter of achieving many different balances in the composition of the team at the top. This workshops designed for current and aspiring directors, governors and trustees of third sector charitable and social enterprise organisations and will help them to make an effective contribution to the work of the board by considering:

  • Their legal duties and responsibilities including those for directors of community interest companies and charitable incorporated organisations
  • The governance of third sector organisations charitable and and social enterprise organisations
  • Best board room practice in these organisations

Full details below or download course outline.

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop each participant will have an up-to-date understanding of:

  • The role of directors, governors and trustees in third sector charitable and social enterprise organisations
  • Roles and relationships at board level and their part in them
  • The work of the board and what and how to contribute to it
Who should attend?

This workshop has been designed primarily for recently-appointed and aspiring board members, although there are clear benefits to having the entire board take part.

Course format

A practical and pragmatic one-day workshop, featuring examples and case study work to ensure an appropriate balance between the practical and the theoretical.

Special features

This workshop can be adapted to reflect the nature and concerns of your particular organisation.

Expert trainers

We are blessed with a team of outstanding trainers in this area, who all combine excellent training skills with extensive practical experience of being directors themselves and offering corporate governance consultancy support of one sort or another. They are all very used to delivering training internationally as well as in the UK.

The choice of trainer is entirely yours. You simply need to bear in mind their travel and (if absolutely necessary) accommodation costs, so pick the closest trainer to you or scroll through the list to find a trainer with the specific sector background you’re looking for. If you want some advice on who to choose, just give us a call on 01582 714282.

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The third sector and social enterprise board – course outline

1 Directing the social enterprise

  • Charity law and the legal basis of social enterprise
  • Liabilities of directors, governors and trustees
  • Accountabilities and governance in social enterprise
  • Introducing the integrative case study

2 The social enterprise board

  • Social enterprise board composition and structure
  • Trustee boards, board roles and relationships:
    • – Chairman
    • – Managing director
    • – Finance director
    • – Executive and non-executive directors
    • – Advisors
  • Making changes
    • – Recruitment search and selection
    • – Appointments and removals
  • Case study (continued)

3 The work of the board

  • Strategic thinking and setting policy
  • Accountability and management oversight
  • Decision making and dilemmas at the board
  • Case study (continued)

4 Creating an effective board

  • Process, procedure and rhythm at the board
  • Managing politics and building the team
  • Board appraisal and review

5 Review

  • Case study review
  • Course review
  • Actions
  • Close