Word – advanced

Word – advanced – overview

This one-day workshop is designed to help users work with advanced features within Word. It includes hands-on exercises to help make complex documents more manageable. Participants will learn how to share and collaborate on documents and track document changes.

Full details below or download course outline.

Learning objectives

This course will help participants:

  • Add document links to files, websites, bookmarks and headings
  • Create and revise footnotes and endnotes
  • Use cross-referencing
  • Insert and mark a document index
  • Use comments within a document
  • Create and edit document templates
  • Set up picture and table captioning
  • Work with tracked changes, including viewing, accepting and rejecting changes
  • Use tables of contents
  • Transfer styles across files using styles organiser
  • Protect and restrict the opening and editing of documents
  • Work with document themes
  • Work with subdocuments
  • Use ribbon buttons and groups
  • Participants need to be familiar with the ‘Word – intermediate’ content before attending this course
  • Designed for Office 365, versions: 2016, 2013 and 2010
Course format

A very practical, interactive one-day session for a maximum group size of 12. Comprehensive materials provided.

Expert trainer

Alan is a highly experienced and very popular IT skills trainer. After eighteen years as an employed IT trainer and training manager he went independent in 2013, specialising in Microsoft Office courses, primarily Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Access, although he also delivers training in other programs when required. His clients come from all sectors and include such organisations as The Economist, Hyundai, Marston Group, MediaCom, London Borough of Harrow, Paragon Customer Communications, ICP Global Creative, Bywaters, etc, etc.

See what some of the participants have said about his workshops:

‘Fantastic. Well-paced and easy to follow.’
‘Great experience.’
‘Very personable, relatable, patient and able to present complicated processes in an understandable way.’
‘Friendly and good at checking people are up to speed.’
‘Very good and explained and answered all questions.’
‘Explains everything well.’
‘Excellent teacher and very intelligent.’
‘Very knowledgeable would love to have him again if there is another course – thank you.’
‘Alan explains things very clearly and addresses issues on questions before they are visible. Thank you very much!’

Word – advanced – course outline

1 Adding document links

  • Adding links to a document
  • Linking to files, websites and email
  • Adding and linking to bookmarks
  • Linking to document headings

2 Captioning and cross-referencing

  • Inserting picture and table captions
  • Creating and updating a table of figures
  • Adding and revising endnotes and footnotes
  • Understanding cross-reference types
  • Creating a cross-reference
  • Marking and inserting a document index

3 Collaborating on documents

  • Inserting and viewing documents
  • Navigating through comments
  • Replying to a comment
  • Printing comments

4 Tracking changes

  • Using tracking changes within a document
  • Choosing how to view document revisions
  • Accepting and rejecting changes

5 Comparing documents

  • Comparing two documents
  • Combining changes into a single document
  • Accepting and rejecting changes

6 Protecting a document

  • Restricting opening or editing of documents
  • Defining regions for editing
  • Restricting document formatting

7 Outline view

  • Collapsing paragraphs with heading styles
  • Managing files with subdocuments
  • Editing and locking subdocuments
  • Sharing subdocuments

8 Document themes

  • Standardise document formatting with themes
  • Using a theme to match corporate branding
  • Transferring themes across files

9 Creating templates

  • Creating and editing document templates
  • Adding font and heading styles to templates
  • Defining file locations for shared templates
  • Copying styles across templates and files

10 Customising the ribbon

  • Customising ribbon buttons
  • Adding new ribbons
  • Adding buttons to ribbon groups