Business Assessment Profiling

Business Assessment Profiling – overview

A key tool for the business analyst is the Business Assessment Profile. Ideally, it is the key reporting tool within an organisation. Using the Minitab statistical analysis software programme, the Business Assessment Profile presents senior decision-makers with relevant data in a format that enables them to make real business decisions. The Business Assessment Profile should be used to help ensure continued alignment of the organisation’s products / services / processes with the needs of its customers and stakeholders.

This intensive four-day workshop is designed to help business analysts and others master the techniques required for producing a Business Assessment Profile, following a structured process built around:

  • Understanding the needs of the customer
  • Understanding the needs of the organisation
  • Understanding the key statistical concepts
  • Understanding how best to put it all into practice.

Full details below or download course outline.

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme participants will have completed, or gone substantially towards completing, a Business Assessment Profile which will encompass:

  • Key customers and their requirements
  • A control plan to ensure that the performance will be measured
  • Key objectives and their measures
  • A Business Assessment Analysis
  • Strategic business objectives
  • Key measures relating to strategic business objectives

Additionally, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a business-wide measurement deployment strategy
  • Understand key statistical concepts to aid in the development of key measures
  • Present data more effectively
Who should attend?

All business analysts and any other staff engaged in the reporting and measurement of the business.

Course format

The programme includes extensive practical analysis exercises and all participants will need access in the classroom to a laptop / computer with Minitab installed.

Relevant case studies will be used throughout the programme and participants will be expected to bring examples of data collection and analysis from within the organisation.

Given the practical nature of this workshop-style programme, there is a maximum limit of twelve participants (minimum four).

Special features

This programme is very practical and is based on all participants having a laptop or PC in the training room with Minitab installed. Minitab is the leading statistical software package used for quality improvement worldwide. If the course participants do not already have experience of using Minitab then they should attend an Introduction to Minitab first.

Business Assessment Profiling – course outline

Understanding the customer

1 Identifying key customer requirements using Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

2 Understanding the relationship between in-house and external customers

3 Developing a requirements matrix

4 Establishing key customer measurements

Understanding the business objectives

1 Establishing current business measures

  • What do we measure?
  • And how?

2 Creating an objectives / measurement matrix

  • Which measures are important to the business?
  • Which measures are important to the customer?

3 Completing a gap analysis from the matrix

  • Establishing which current measures are relevant
  • Establishing which current measures need to be discarded
  • Establishing new measures where needed

Understanding key statistical concepts

1 Understanding basic statistics

2 Types of data

  • Continuous / count / attribute

3 Graphical presentation of data

Selecting the most appropriate chart

4 Location and spread / dispersion

5 Understanding analytical statistics

  • Correlation and regression
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Capability analysis
  • Multi-vari analysis

Developing the Business Assessment Profile

1 Establishing the key measures

2 Developing a reporting document

3 Developing a deployment programme

4 Creating the Business Assessment Profile