Introduction to Minitab

Introduction to Minitab – overview

Minitab is the leading statistical software package used for quality improvement worldwide. It removes much of the pain associated with analysing data and using statistical tools.

This workshop gives a very practical introduction to it.

Full details below or download course outline.

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme participants will understand the potential within Minitab to measure, both graphically and analytically, the processes within an organisation.

Who should attend?

This workshop programme is designed for:

  • Those involved in the design, improvement or specification of products, processes or services
  • Managers wishing to understand the benefits of having clear constructive measures within the business
  • Team members involved in an improvement role
Course format

This highly participatory two-day workshop programme includes extensive practical analysis exercises and all participants will be involved in extensive team work.

Relevant case studies will be used throughout the programme and participants will be expected to bring examples of customer analysis from their own organisation.

Given the practical nature of this workshop-style programme, there is a maximum limit of twelve participants (minimum four).

Special features

This programme is very practical and is based on all participants having a laptop or PC in the training room with Minitab installed.

Introduction to Minitab – course outline

Finding your way around the software

1 Introduction to the software

2 Navigating using the Project Manager

3 Data in Minitab

  • Data types
  • Changing data types
  • Workshop 1 – Manipulating data in Minitab

4 Minitab overview

  • Opening worksheets
  • Worksheet folders
  • Worksheet descriptions
  • Column descriptions
  • Data structure and manipulation
  • Subset / split worksheets
  • Information folders
  • Workshop 2 – Managing your data files

Understanding and using the Minitab functions

1 Minitab’s functions – statistical and graphical

  • Accessing the Stat Guide
  • Minitab graphs – updating
  • Displaying basic statistics
  • Workshop 3 – Completing a first pass analysis

2 Minitab’s graphical functions

  • Graphical summary
  • Scatterplot and brushing
  • Bar chart
    • – Changing colours of bars
    • – Adding reference lines
  • Time series plot
  • Histogram
  • Boxplot
  • Dotplot
  • Workshop 4 – Analysing case study data sets