Rapid Improvement Events

Rapid Improvement Events – overview

Rapid improvement events are an important element in the Lean armoury. They allow for radical changes to be made to current state processes within very short timescales.

Full details below or download course outline.

Learning objectives

At the end of the programme participants will understand how to run – or how to take part in – a rapid improvement event.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in business improvement activities.

Course format

The programme is very flexible. It can be run as a stand-alone briefing-style event or as part of a facilitated rapid improvement event. The outline shown below is intended merely as a starting point for a conversation with the expert trainer so that he can then draft a bespoke workshop outline to suit an individual client’s particular situation and requirements.

Rapid Improvement Events – course outline

1 Fast cycles of education and application

  • Awareness – a change in thinking
  • Observation and evaluation
  • Development of a new vision
  • Rapid implementation
  • A check of results

2 The spirit of improvement

  • Don’t just plan – ‘DO’
  • Empower people to FIX problems
  • Improvement is not made from a meeting room
  • Follow up to make sure the change is working
  • Improvement is endless

3 How to run a rapid improvement event – a step-by-step approach

  • Preparation
    • − Scoping
    • − Consulting
    • − Team selection
    • − Data collection
    • − Event logistics
    • − Briefing the facilitators
    • − Communication
  • The event
    • − Agenda
    • − Step-by-step
    • − Ground rules
    • − Pitfalls
    • − Output
  • Action plans
    • − Implementation