Related services


Related services

Our team has unrivalled sales experience. They are all outstanding trainers, of course, but they also have other experiences, qualifications and skill-sets they can bring to bear on any specific client requirement.

Projects they have worked on, and services we can provide, include for example:

  • design and delivery of webinar training sessions (particularly for international audiences)
  • live call coaching
  • ‘first 90 days’ mentoring
  • training needs analysis (including in a regulated environment)
  • one-to-one performance coaching
  • sales performance analysis
  • introducing innovative behavioural techniques into call and web chat teams
  • creation of learning tools to drive continuous development
  • product training
  • sales simulations
  • team building sessions
  • sales-focused 360° reviews and psychometrics
  • mystery shopping
  • structured development programmes for sales teams

If you could use some external input to support your sales team, whatever your requirement, whatever the sector, wherever the location, just give us a call on 01582 714285 anyway – we’d be astonished if you had a development requirement for a sales team (or person) that we couldn’t help you with.