Alun is an engaging and dynamic sales trainer with sixteen years of sales and sales management experience, much of it in a telesales environment.

A professionally trained actor, he brings sales to life by using everyday analogies, role-playing skills, forum theatre and humour. He has even written and performed at the Edinburgh festival and in London his own one-man show, ‘Salesbears!’, a black comedy lampooning the ‘boiler room’ excesses sometimes found in the telesales industry.

He has been delivering sales training and coaching very successfully on an independent basis for the last ten years, usually encompassing some highly skilled role-play sessions that result in evidential and forensic feedback for participants to better understand their impact on others. Ten of his years in frontline sales have been on the telephone and he has become an excellent telesales coach and mentor, able to pinpoint specific moments in a call that take things in the right or wrong direction – and why. In his telephone sales career he has sold display advertising, corporate hospitality packages of up to £55K in value, summit meeting places at £36K, airtime on video walls, conference places and advertising on the back of cinema tickets. In face-to-face sales he spent two years in the cut and thrust of photocopier sales in Central London as well as four years on the road with his own Toy and Game agency, selling to retailers in London, the Home Counties and East Anglia.

His core sales training subjects are:

He also delivers bite-sized sales training on, amongst other topics:

  • Elevator pitches
  • Objection handling
  • Presentation skills for salespeople

Alun has trained many sales models (with different personality profiles, such as MBTI, SDI, Insights, etc) and knows well that any personality type can succeed in sales if they deploy their natural style. He has delivered sales training both across the UK and internationally – in Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Switzerland, Thailand and the USA. Alun has also coached sales team via Skype in San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney.

His skills as a role-player have benefited clients in a range of industry sectors including automotive, banking, construction, property, publishing, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, insurance, telecoms, business services, and many others.

Above all, Alun puts the fun back into sales and many a flagging salesperson has been re-energised by Alun’s sales ‘makeover’.

See what people have said about his training:

    • ‘Stacking the pain has been one of the most effective ways to close a sale for me, whether in person or on the phone, but to experience it within a role play scenario was the trigger to starting using it.’ Mark Collingwood, Director, Digitally Engaged
    • ‘Alun demonstrates that you never know it all and equipped with easy “how to’s” you can improve the outcome of any sales meeting… I have used his methods over the past 9 months with great success and I have easily won over 10% more business. There are not many things that deliver that return.’ David Millward, MD, Pebble Web Design Ltd
    • ‘He has a calm, unflappable and relaxed yet professional approach and delivers feedback in a clear, concise and sensitive manner… an in-depth knowledge of the sales process which enables him to demonstrate sales excellence (and the opposite if required!) in forum theatre sessions.’ Kate Rees, Owner, KJR Consulting
    • ‘Alun has been very helpful providing sales advice for myself and some of my clients. The difference that he brings to any training is that he ticks all the important boxes. He is extremely personable, he knows his subject and he can explain and deliver concepts and techniques in an easy to understand manner. His ability to get everyone up to speed without seeming to leave anyone behind in a training session is to be applauded. I continue to use his services and often seek his advice on how to position and explain services that we offer. I have no hesitation in recommending him.’ Angus Grady, Owner of Customeyes Media Ltd
  • ‘I had the great pleasure of working with Alun in his capacity as a trainer of selling skills for a number of companies. His insights were of such value and potency that I often received communications from delegates quoting the price on a deal that had just been sealed using Alun’s methods of approach, understanding and closing. His expertise in this field is, in my opinion, second to none. Added to this, he has excellent people skills, a warm and open manner and the ability to get the best out of both associates and prospective clients because of his skill as an expert listener.’ Paul Ryan, Owner of Improve on You

Inspired? If you’d like a telephone call with Alun to discuss your sales training requirements, simply give us a call on 01582 463463 and we’ll arrange it for you. We’re here to help!