Time management training helps get your work life balance great

Work life balance, can your company help you?

We read a great article this week on how getting a great work life balance is important for parents. It rang true on a lot of levels for us and some of the techniques the author suggests applies to everyone not just parents. You can read the full article here

The author makes a great point ‘The truth is, you’ll never be able to find a perfect work-life balance, one will always spill over into the other, that’s life, again, it’s about learning how to blend the two properly.’

Companies need to help

The author suggests that. ‘Companies, and managers specifically, need to act as role models, and understand that employees will model their behaviour according to what they see. Humans are very adaptable, and whether we like it or not, we learn to adapt to our surroundings. So if we see everyone staying late at the office, we might be hesitant to leave.’

Trying to get the balance right can be influenced with among other things great time management

Easier said than done you say?

Time Management in a Day! – open course London

Our very popular, and tried and tested in house progamme is now available as an open course, delivered in London by our sister company Maximum Performance.

Time management in a day!

Next open course: 28 January 2015 – London
‘Early bird’ offer = £245 + VAT; full rate = £295 + VAT
(Early ‘bird’ offer ends 9 January 2015)

Download full programme HERE

Time is a precious resource that we can lose sight of when we are focusing elsewhere. Most people will want to steal some of your time – sometimes without you knowing – and you need to be assertive in order to regain control.

This training course will enable you to take a step back from the day-to-day pressures and will give you an opportunity to review your environment and understand where your time is being spent and what to do about it, and become a time management expert!

Learning objectives

Maximum Performances Time management in a day! training workshop will help you:

  • Appreciate where your time is being spent
  • Identify what is in / out of your control
  • Identify your time stealers
  • Look at To-Do lists – are they good or frustrating?
  • Understand how to correctly prioritise
  • Separate ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ tasks and know where to focus
  • Learn to overcome procrastination
  • Focus on what is important and get ‘in the zone’
  • Learn about the OATS principle and apply it
  • Use delegation strategies to get the best from your people
  • Learn from time management case studies
  • Build a personal action plan to commit to making a change

You can find full programme details for Time management in a day! together with details of how to book your places online. Alternatively you can call Helen Nuttall at Maximum Performance on 01582 714280 for more details.

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