Top 10 programme – R & D Project Management

It may surprise you to know that ‘R&D project management’ is one of our ten most popular programmes.

But effective management of R&D projects is a ‘business critical’ issue for many organisations today and many of our clients are grateful for the training we are able to provide in this rather specialised topic.

Our two-day programme is tried-and-tested and is delivered on a regular basis for clients across the UK and internationally (most recently in Brazil, the USA, Belgium and Thailand).

The main topics covered are:

  • Key concepts
  • Initiating projects
  • Defining projects
  • Planning the work
  • Identifying and managing project risks
  • Project execution, monitoring and control
  • Exploiting the results of R&D
  • Project leadership and teamwork

Delivered by an outstanding trainer, the programme gets excellent feedback.

‘This course/workshop is based on years of experience, of project planning and is packed with ‘golden nugget/ learnings’.’

‘John breaks down a large, somewhat daunting subject into manageable chunks. He gave us lots of opportunities to tackle real-life, ongoing projects within the company. I think we all feel much more equipped and positive about facing our next project head on.’

‘Real life knowledge and sensible approach.’

‘John is incredibly knowledgeable and presented what could be seen as slightly dry material in a very engaging way.’

‘Lots of useful models to assist with planning/scoping/risking/monitoring your project.’

‘Laid-back, knowledgeable and easy to get along with.’

‘Excellent trainer, great and friendly presenter.’

‘Enlightening course on the fundamentals of project planning for R&D.’

‘John was clearly very knowledgeable and was able to articulate this knowledge well. His training style was engaging and made the course very enjoyable.’

It might be worth sharing the outline with your senior R&D staff to see whether they feel it would add value to their projects.

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